New Garage Door Phoenix

Need a New Garage Door?

Foothills Garage Door is a Phoenix garage door company with decades of experience bringing homeowners new garage doors for their home.

New Garage Door Phoenix
From high-end to high-value, we provide every kind of garage door imaginable.

  • Single-to-triple layer steel.
  • Varying-sized panels and styles
  • Dimensional raised panels
  • Routine Servicing and maintenance
  • Traditional Carriage Panels
  • And more!

More than Just the Garage Door

Foothills Garage Door has over 17 years of bringing new garage doors to homes in the Phoenix area. But did you know we can also put in more than just the door? Here are a few accessory components that are put in along with your new door:


On top of your new door, Foothills Garage Door can also install the perfect motor to complement your setup. Because not all garage doors weigh (or open) the same, matching the motor to your door is an important part of the process.


Installation of your new door also requires re-wiring to make sure everything works right, and works consistently. Our technicians can make sure your garage door motor is routed safely and won’t stop working on your way out of the house.

Safety Features

Our garage doors also come equipped with all the modern safety features needed to ensure your door doesn’t come down on anybody, or anything.


For most people, the fun part of choosing a new garage door, is choosing the design. Our selection of doors includes choices for every home. Whether you’re looking for pure function, or you want that right touch of style, FootHills Garage Door can bring you exactly the door you have in mind.
Replace Garage Door Phoenix

Related Services For Your New Door

Putting your new door in place means more than simply slapping the right parts together.

Because a functional garage door is actually a delicate balancing act, our technicians also take the time to make sure tension is applied to the right areas and every part does its job smoothly.

Your new door is here. For expert installation and first-class service, call Foothills Garage Door today.

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