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Why Should I Get An Insulated Garage Door?

As a garage door company, we know your garage door is a prime location for heat loss – even in Phoenix.

But insulation isn’t just for protection against cold weather, it’s also meant to regulate your home’s temperatures during warmer parts of the year.

If the insulation is wrong, no amount of garage door repair can make your home’s climate any more controlled.

Your home works best as a closed system. The more it’s closed, the more easily your internal climate can be regulated.

Doors, with half of their function being to open, are commonly a weak spot in a home’s closed system – which make it impossible every fully control your home’s climate or achieve maximum energy efficiency.

1. Thermal efficiency

For a thermally efficient garage, an insulated garage door is the only way to go. While heat is an important part of thermal efficiency, the importance lays in the ability to stabilize the internal temperature of your home.

2. Sound dampening

Similar to how a solid set of double pane windows will block out some sound, so will a garage door dense with insulation. This may not matter much for some homes, but for homes in busier neighborhoods, every bit of sound-proofing helps.

3. The cure for the cold garage

Most people figure out that they’ve got a thinning garage door just because when they walk down to get in their car, it’s frosty during the cold months. But a cold garage doesn’t need to be a fact of life. With the help of the right door, your garage can be as comfortable as any part of the house.
Insulated Garage Door Phoenix

Looking For An Insulated Garage Door? Say No More

Foothills Garage Door has every kind of option to choose from, which means endless styles to work with any home. Your insulated garage door can be installed with security fixtures to keep you, your family and your home safe.

Get your garage working as good as it can and maximize your home’s efficiency with an insulated garage door.If your garage needs some warming up, give a call to Foothills Garage Door today.

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