Insulated Garage Door Phoenix

Why Should I Get An Insulated Garage Door?

Insulated Garage Door PhoenixAs a garage door company, we know your garage door is a prime location for heat loss – even in Phoenix. Insulation isn’t just for protection against cold weather; it’s also meant to regulate your home’s temperatures during warmer parts of the year. Foothills Garage Door can make sure that your garage door remains insulated for the times when the Phoenix heat goes away, and its time to keep your home warm.

If the insulation is wrong, no amount of garage door repair can make your home’s climate any more controlled. Your home works best as a closed system. The more it’s shut, the more efficiently your internal climate can be regulated. Doors, with half of their function being to open, are commonly a weak spot in a home’s closed system – which makes it impossible every fully control your home’s climate or achieve maximum energy efficiency.

Here are some ways that a properly insulated garage door can benefit your home:

1. Thermal Efficiency and Saving Energy

For a thermally efficient garage, an insulated garage door is the only way to go. While heat is an integral part of thermal efficiency, the importance lies in the ability to stabilize the internal temperature of your home. Most homes have a door that leads to the house, leaving the house susceptible to any poor insulation that may occur in the garage. Not only can insulation keep your garage at a suitable temperature, but it can keep your home saving energy. An insulated garage can also do more than keep your home warm and save energy. Proper insulation can protect your car, paints, chemicals, and sealants kept in your garage.

2. Sound Dampening

Similar to how a robust set of double-pane windows will block out some sound, so will a garage door dense with insulation. That may not matter much for some homes, but for homes in busier neighborhoods, every bit of sound-proofing helps. It also helps if homeowners do a lot of work in their garage. The sounds of drills, saws, and other power tools can be an annoyance for neighbors and surrounding homes. Proper insulation in the garage helps keep sounds at a minimum and keep neighbors happy.

3. Durability

Adding insulation to a garage door can increase the overall strength of the door itself. With more layers on the door, it adds more protection from dents caused by cars, kids, or other factors. Dents in a garage door can lower the curb appeal of a home, thus reducing the overall value of the house. The added durability of an insulated garage door can also protect it from poor weather conditions. In Phoenix, dust storms are a common occurrence, and the high winds that come with them can take objects crashing into your garage door. Wind, rain, and especially the heat can have an extremely harsh effect on the door as well. In the middle of a Phoenix summer, the temperatures can reach over 100 degrees consistently. These extreme temperatures can affect the springs, lubrication, and mechanisms of the garage door.

4. Functionality

Along with the added soundproofing of an insulated garage, insulation gives a garage more warmth and functionality. A garage can be more than just a storage space for your car, tools, and supplies. It can be an area for relaxation and entertaining if needed.

Your garage can make or break your home’s energy efficiency. Don’t waste energy by leaving your garage without insulation! Call one of our experienced technicians today for quality-grade garage door insulation.


Looking For An Insulated Garage Door? Say No More

Foothills Garage Door has every kind of option to choose from, which means endless styles to work with any home. Your insulated garage door can be installed with security fixtures to keep you, your family, and your home safe. Get your garage working as good as it can and maximize your home’s efficiency with an insulated garage door. If your garage needs some warming up, give a call to our garage door professionals!

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