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Garage Door Service Phoenix

Foothills Garage Door is a Phoenix garage door company with decades of experience in garage door repair and maintenance.

Our team does it all:

  • Full System Replacement
  • Broken Spring Repair & Replacement
  • Door Rebalancing
  • Motor Replacement and Repair
  • Complete Maintenance and Servicing
  • Electrical Work
  • Door Repair
  • Door Panel Replacement
  • Safety tech
  • And more!

No matter what you need done to your garage door,  our garage door contractors have everything you need to make it happen.
Garage Door Maintenance Phoenix

Garage Door Service

It seems like some folks know what servicing a garage door means, while others didn’t know preventative maintenance was a thing at all. In case you’re wondering, here’s what garage door servicing entails:

1. Expert Evaluation

If you’ve had your garage for longer than you can remember, it’s probably a good idea to get a professional out to your home to make sure everything is running like it should.

During the step, we’ll check the springs, the tracks, and the cables to make sure everything can continue doing its job. We’ll also double-check the safety features that are a part of most modern garages.

2. Tune Up

Like your car, the moving components of a garage all need basic service from time to time. As something that has to both open and close day after day, your garage door may need a basic tightening up every now and then.

3. Rebalancing

Over time, your garage door gets pushed and pulled slightly off track until it starts to not open as smoothly as it once did. Left unchecked, it could result in lasting damage to the track, and to the door. A quick recalibration will easily take care of it.

4. Cleaning and Lubricants

With moving parts, comes the need for lubrication. And before lubrication can work, everything needs to be clean. Part of a maintenance call typically includes cleaning the gunk that’s accumulated in on the wheels, in the track and in the motor, and making sure it continues to run smooth.

5. Re-Strip

Like the other doors in your home, a garage door has weatherstripping that is also subject to deterioration. A service call will include replacing old stripping to improve the insulation.

Keeping Things Rolling

With just a little bit of care, your garage can continue doing its job for years to come. While we can always recommend a better system, we also appreciate taking care of things that can be fixed.

For immediate garage door care, give a call to Foothills Garage Door today.

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