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Garage Door Repair Phoenix

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The Dangers of Garage Door Springs: Fact or Fiction

Being in the industry, we know garage doors have a bad reputation among homeowners. And while we can appreciate the concern, most modern garage doors are for the most part, completely safe. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t some truth to the stories.

There was a time when your garage door spring could actually maim you if you were around when a spring broke. The reasons for their danger were because they were:

B)Constructed without safety cables
C)Constructed without safety brackets

All of which added to the infamous projectile factor of original garage door design. They just did things differently back then.

While most garage doors have since been upgraded to safer torsion springs, or extension springs with a safety cable, there are still some of the old models out there.
Broken Garage Door Phoenix

Dealing With Old Garage Door Springs

Fortunately, you’ll probably know if your setup is an old model and if you do still have insecure springs, we hope they’re in a garage where people don’t spend too much time, or one where you’re not housing anything that could be damaged by a rogue spring.

Pretty sure you don’t have any loose extension springs still in operation? Well you’re not out of the woods yet.

While newer extension springs or torsion springs are considerably safer, they can still cause some damage if they cut loose while you’re working on them.

As garage door contractors, we recommend replacing all the old springs you can, and always having a professional do the work for you. Even if you’re an adept handyman, garage door springs are loaded and cause serious damage if mishandled.

Need someone to come by and wrangle your old springs?
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