Garage Door Contractor Phoenix

Garage Door Contractor Phoenix

Get the Most From Your Garage Door Contractor

Foothills Garage Door is a Phoenix garage door company with decades of experience repairing, servicing, and maintaining garage doors.

  • Routine Servicing and maintenance.
  • Motor replacement and electrical repair.
  • Safety feature installation.
  • Spring and cable replacement.
  • Rebalancing and calibration.
  • Door and Panel Replacement.
  • Garage Door Repair.
  • And more!

If you are in need of an experienced garage door company in Phoenix, Foothills Garage Door is at your service.

Why Do Garages Stop Working?

For the most part, garage doors carry on just fine. Until out of the blue, your garage door doesn’t open, or worse, gets stuck halfway. While sometimes it may be a broken motor that’s to blame, other times the causes may not be as clear. Here are a few reasons why garage doors may stop working.

1. Snapped Springs

Even though broken springs are usually preventable, they’re unfortunately a main reason why we get called. That’s because without them, the garage door stops working altogether. The garage door is designed to operate on the tension created with the springs. Which means without the springs out of the picture, there’s not much hope in the garage doing a very good job.

2. Accidents

A lot of the time, a garage door gets thrown off track due to an accident involving the door. What do you think is the most common culprit of this accidents? The cars that normally live in the garages. While most garage doors are pretty strong, a lot of them may not escape even a light tap by your vehicle unscathed.

3. Aging Components

By far, the primary reason why garage doors need service or repair, is due to normal wear and tear. If you think about it, most garage doors open and close twice per day. For every movement, there are quite a few parts working in unison. Needless to say, there’s plenty of opportunity for at least one of the parts to get thrown out of balance in the average week of a garage door.
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Stay On Track

With regular maintenance, your garage door has a good shot at working as it does for as long as you need it. And if it stops, all you’ve got to do is give a call to Foothills Garage Door.

For a quick visit from Phoenix’s own garage door whisperers, call to Foothills Garage Door today.

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