Garage Door Adjustment Phoenix

Does Your Garage Door or Spring Need Adjustment?

When seasons change and temperatures rise or drop, this can have an effect on your garage door and how it performs. Sometimes garage doors don’t shut all the way, or appears uneven. When your garage door appears to need maintenance or adjustment, the technicians at Foothills Garage Door are there to help. As a garage door supplier, we specialize in repairing, installing, and performing garage door adjustments in Phoenix.

Adjusting Garage Door Springs

Since 1993, most garage doors will have built-in safety features. One especially important safety feature has to do with garage door springs.

However, torsion garage door springs–springs you would find across the middle of your garage door threshold–could still potentially break and lacerate you if it broke as you were adjusting or replacing it. The reasons for their danger were because they were:

A) Weaker
B) Constructed without safety cables
C) Constructed without safety brackets

Don’t Try to Adjust Torsion Springs On Your Own

Adjusting a garage door spring can quickly turn dangerous and even life-threatening. Torsion garage door springs are especially dangerous when they’re damaged, and have been known to become like projectiles and break in a person’s face under great tension, causing severe lacerations.

Adjusting A Garage Door’s Balance

Garage Door adjustment Phoenix
Every functioning garage door should have precise balance. And the first time balancing your garage door is the most important one. Done the wrong way, your garage door could stay locked in place the next day. Foothills Garage Doors gets it right the first time, guaranteed. The result: a smooth and quiet opening and closing, the way it should be.

Adjusting Photo Eye And Other Safety Features

Photo eyes are important for garage door safety. If your photo eye needs recalibration or replacement, we’ll take care of it. We repair, install, and replace photo eyes so that if anything is in the way of your garage door closing, the photo eye will catch the obstruction and prevent potential crushing.

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