Custom Garage Doors Phoenix

Custom Garage Door Installation in Phoenix

Custom Garage Doors Phoenix

Sometimes a custom garage is all your home needs for a unique curb appeal and an modern look. Generic garages fulfill the basic purpose of opening and closing for your cars. But a custom-made garage makes a statement, enhances the style and theme of your home, and turns an ordinary mechanical door into a unique entryway to your home.

The Difference a Custom Garage Door Makes

For the homeowners who want their garage door to make a statement, custom garage door designs are perfect. After all, garages house your pride and joy autos. Maybe you’re looking to turn your garage into a futuristic port for a coupe that takes off like a rocket. Or maybe you want your garage to look like a stable for your prized thoroughbred mustang. Whatever your taste may be, our garage technicians will install your garage door with precision, functionality, and safety features.

Our Garage Door Installation

Custom and hand-crafted garage doors give a house an unmistakably modern charm. Homeowners choose the type of garage door that will go best with their exterior style. We do the rest:

  • We install the motor for your garage door with precision, so that it’s calibrated and moves at the right speed
  • Our technicians also take care of the wiring to make sure your custom garage door works efficiently and reliably.
  • We also add safety features to your garage door setup that make sure nobody (or car) is harmed by a closing garage door
  • Our garage door technicians design your door’s dimensions and cut it to the size of your carport

The technicians at Foothills Garage Door care as much about the look and appeal of a custom garage door as the functionality and operation of its components. That’s why we leave the design up to you, and you leave the installation up to us. Our garage door installation services come equipped with top-of-the-line motors, expertly installed electrical wiring, safety features like motion sensors, and other components that a modern garage door must have.

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